Concealing your Propane Tank the Safe and Attractive Way

concealed propane tank
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We all know that propane is vital to fueling your home, but the tanks are definitely not visually appealing in your yard.  There are ways to make your propane tank less of an eye sore and more of a nice-looking spot outside your home.  Read on to learn how you can safely and attractively conceal your tank without calling more attention to it.

Concealing Underground Propane Tanks

While underground propane tanks are buried, and therefore hidden from view, they do contain above ground caps that allow access to the tank.  While the caps are not as noticeable as above ground tanks, some homeowners prefer to hide them from view.  The good news is, this can be easily achieved by cleverly placed landscaping.  Since underground tanks are buried quite deeply, it is safe to plant nearly any kind of flower or shrub over or around the tank’s location, except for trees.  Trees have deep roots that can interfere with the tank and can cause leaks. Just keep in mind that your propane professionals still need access to the cap of the tank.  Therefore, make sure there is a clear path to the cap and that nothing is preventing a propane professional from accessing the cap.  In other words, don’t plant bushes, flowers or vines so close to the cap that it cannot be found, and do not let any of your landscaping grow directly over the cap itself.

Concealing Above Ground Propane Tanks

Above ground tanks are harder to hide from view.  While they are large and unattractive, there are several ways to conceal them while allowing safe access to them, such as landscaping and fences or trellises.

Landscaping Around Above Ground Tanks

As with underground tanks, you can landscape around above ground tanks, too.  You just have to keep plantings about five feet from the tank itself and be mindful of the underground lines.  Many gardeners creatively place plantings of various heights and widths around tanks to create a visually pleasing garden.

If digging near your tank makes you nervous, you can get creative with potted plants instead. By using planters in a variety of sizes and colors, you can attractively conceal your tank without worrying about digging near the underground lines (11 Landscaping Ideas To Hide A Propane Tank In Your Yard – How To Garden Design).

If you like the permanence of placing plants directly in the soil, but are concerned about those underground lines, one more option is to make raised planting beds near your tank.  This way your flowers are permanent, but you don’t need to do any digging near the tank.

Concealing your Tank with Fences or Trellises

Above ground propane tanks can be hidden from view by using attractive fence panels or trellises, as well.  Just remember to keep the fence or trellis at least five feet from the tank and not to fully enclose the tank as propane professionals need access to it. Fences and trellises can disguise the tank while providing a backdrop for plantings.  Fences and trellises come in many different styles to fit with the design of your home.  Additionally, you can plant flowers and shrubs on the front side of the fence to add more interest and color. Pretty vines can be grown on trellises to further conceal the tank (11 Landscaping Ideas To Hide A Propane Tank In Your Yard – How To Garden Design).

Safety Tips for Concealing your Propane Tank

Whenever you are working around a propane tank, you need to take necessary safety precautions.  This applies to concealing your tank, too.  Just remember the following safety advice:

  • Always check with your propane supplier before planting trees or shrubs near your tank for the locations of the underground lines.
  • Never fully enclose your propane tank when trying to conceal it. Gas can build up over time and cause an explosion.
  • Never place anything directly on the tank itself.
  • Never paint your propane tank. Propane tanks need to be light in color to prevent the gas from overheating inside.
  • Do no put anything flammable near your propane tank.
  • When gardening near a propane tank, do not do any digging that would cause water to run directly into the tank. This could cause the tank to rust and lead to a possible leak.
  • Always leave room for your propane professional to be able to access the tank.

Making It Happen

Now that you know your options for making your propane tank’s location an attractive spot in your yard, you can get to work landscaping or putting up that fence or trellis.  If you have any questions concerning landscaping or building around your tank, contact us at or (855)804-FUEL.  Our team of propane professionals will be happy to assist you.

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