We're a Trusted Fuel Provider

Sure, Superior Plus Energy Services is a company that provides a variety of fuels and energy-related services and equipment to homes and businesses. But above all else, we are fuel experts, your advisors, and neighbors with a single purpose—to meet your needs for all things fuel. There are lots of companies that could provide you with propane, heating oil, or related services. What makes us so special?

Customer Service
The number one reason our net promoter score (the likelihood a customer will refer us) is among the highest in the industry at 50%? Our people. We not only meet the needs of our customers, but anticipate them and form a true partnership, earning trust one interaction at a time.
Care for the Community
We've grown a lot over the years, but at our core we're still a local company active in the communities we call home. This includes plenty of partnerships, sponsorships, and charitable programs, the most visible being our Pink Delivery Program to help fight breast cancer. A profit percentage from every gallon of fuel purchased goes to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Devoted to Employees
It's our employees who respond to the questions, concerns, and needs of our customers. They're our number one resource, so we make sure there is plenty of opportunity to grow with the company. Employees who share our passion for unsurpassed customer service are always recognized and rewarded.
Reliable, High-Quality Fuels
Whether it's for work, play, or simply enjoying the comfort of home, our 12 suppliers and 20 fuel storage locations ensure we're able to meet your needs. Having multiple suppliers and origin points means we can offer an uninterrupted supply at a fair price.
Investment in Safety
Keeping our drivers, technicians, and customers safe is something our industry values. We go above and beyond, from formal safety programs to continuous updates and maintenance of our fleet of delivery trucks.
Commitment to the Environment
We believe in protecting the communities in which we operate, so we invest in pollution prevention, energy-efficient equipment, employee training, engineering evaluations, and hazardous materials storage structures that exceed industry requirements.

Our Vision Is What Propels Us Forward

We want to transcend the role of mere fuel provider to become a true partner, offering our customers the flexibility and options that come with a broad, diversified portfolio of products and services. Our success will be fueled by putting our customers at the center of every decision we make.

And Our Mission Is What Keeps Us Grounded

Our mission is to execute a thoughtful, deliberate growth strategy that will diversify our business and deliver unmatched value to our customers, a safe and rewarding environment for employees, and superior returns for shareholders.

Big-Time Resources with a Small-Town Presence

Our strategic approach to growth allows us to offer our customers the best of both worlds. The resources and stability of a large company with the personal attention and values of a small business. It has guided the path to where we are today.

  • 1922Griffith Oil Company is established in Wyoming, NY
  • 2000Griffith Oil Company acquired Burnwell Gas
  • 2009Superior Plus Corporation acquired Sunoco’s retail fuel distribution business and a portion of Central Hudson Gas to serve Canada, NY, MA, PA, DE, CT, NJ and RI.
  • 2010Acquired KW Propane and Oil (PA) and incorporated as Griffith Energy Inc. with 500 employees serving 97,000 retail customers across upstate New York and Vermont
  • 2010Superior Plus Energy Services LLC merges with Griffith Energy Inc. to form Superior Plus Energy Services Inc.
  • 2011Acquired Butler Oil and Propane (PA), Country Comfort (CT), Brennan Oil (RI), Elkhorn Propane (PA), Walt’s Propane (NY), and Hamilton Wilbur (NY)
  • 2014Acquired Townsend Energy (NY)
  • 2015Acquired Warner’s Oil and Gas (NY)
  • 2017Acquired Virginia Propane (VA), Yankee Propane (NJ/NY) and the propane distribution assets of the R.W. Earhart Company (OH)
  • 2018 Acquired the propane distribution assets of Hi-Grade Oil (OH), Blue Flame Gas Service (PA), Musco Fuel & Propane (CT) and the propane distribution assets of Porco Energy (NY)
  • 2019 Acquired the propane distribution assets of Red Springs Oil (NC), Sheldon Gas (CA), Peninsula Oil & Propane (DE) and Phelps Sungas (NY)
  • 2020Acquired Western Propane Services (CA)