Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs with the Heat Pump Helper™

heat pump helper
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Does your home have an electric heat pump that fails to work properly when the temperature drops?  You’re not alone. Thankfully, the propane industry has found an efficient solution to this problem—the heat pump helper.

The Problem with Electric Heat Pumps

Many homes throughout the country rely on electric heat pumps to provide warmth when the weather is cold.  Problems can arise when the temperature drops. When the outside air temperature is colder, electric heat pumps often need to activate their back-up systems to try to reach the desired indoor temperature.  The back-up system increases the heat pump’s electricity usage by 3-4 times (A Hybrid Heat Pump Solution, Powered by Propane | PERC)! Not only does the increased electricity usage place more stress on the heat pump, it raises your electricity bill and draws more power from the grid, too.

What is a Heat Pump Helper?

In an effort to solve the issue with electric heat pumps, the propane industry has created a solution—the heat pump helper.  The heat pump helper is based on hydronic heating, which means water is used to create space heating (Space heating solution builds momentum in residential market – LP Gas ( While hydronic heating isn’t a new technology, the manner in which the heat pump helper uses it is.  The heat pump helper is a piece of equipment that moves hot water from a propane tankless water heater across new hydronic coils that create the hot air which is blown through the home’s existing ductwork (A Hybrid Heat Pump Solution, Powered by Propane | PERC).  It provides support to the electric heat pump so that the heat pump does not need to engage its back-up system.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump Helper

There are many great reasons to add a heat pump helper to your home’s electric heating system.  Since they can be added to existing systems or installed in new construction, they are available to any homeowner with an electric heat pump.  And they aid the electric heat pump, so they reduce stress on the system and lower electricity costs. To put it simply, heat pump helpers offer homeowners “improved efficiency, lower costs, and greater grid resilience,” (A Hybrid Heat Pump Solution, Powered by Propane | PERC).  To learn more about heat pump helpers, visit (A Hybrid Heat Pump Solution, Powered by Propane | PERC).

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