Propane Can Fuel Your Agricultural Business

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When people think of using propane, they mostly think of heating their homes or fueling their grills.  However, propane is a very versatile fuel, and it can be used for much, much more, including fueling an agricultural business.

Propane Use in the Agricultural Industry

Propane is used to fuel over 800,000 farms in the United States (  Farmers have chosen propane to fuel their agricultural operations because it is reliable, versatile, environmentally friendly and cost effective.  Propane can be used in many ways on a farm, from supplying building heat to fueling forklifts, with many uses in between.

How Propane Can Fuel Your Farm

The uses of propane on a farm are plentiful! The most obvious use is for heating the homestead, barns and other outbuildings. But propane can be used in the following ways to help your agricultural operations run smoothly:

  • Irrigation Engines
  • Grain Dryers
  • Generators
  • Flame Weed Control
  • Forklifts
  • Commercial Mowers.

Agricultural Use #1: Propane Irrigation Engines

Irrigation engines fueled by propane are less expensive and out-perform diesel irrigation engines.  The initial cost of a propane irrigation engine alone provides savings to farmers.  Propane powered irrigation engines typically cost twenty to forty percent less than diesel engines! But the savings continue over time as farmers have reported that propane irrigation engines save them up to fifty percent when compared to a diesel engine performing the same work (

Additionally, propane irrigation engines out perform diesel engines.  Farmers using propane irrigation engines have reported that propane irrigation engines perform twenty-eight percent higher than diesel engines and provide a fuel savings of up to forty-five percent (  Better performance and cost effectiveness make propane powered irrigation engines the best choice for your agricultural operation.

Agricultural Use #2: Propane Grain Dryers

More than eighty percent of grain dryers used today are fueled by propane because of their reliability and efficiency.  Propane grain dryers provide farmers with the ability to dry their crops on their own schedule.  They also reduce crop loss and improve crop yields because propane will not contaminate the crops or soil (  Additionally, modern propane grain dryers use about roughly half of the amount of propane that older models did, making today’s propane grain dryers highly efficient and cost effective.

Agricultural Use #3: Propane Generators

Down time due to a power outage can cost farmers a lot of money and makes work increasingly difficult.  Propane powered standby generators are vital to keep farming operations running.  Propane powered generators can be portable or permanently installed so that you can continue to be useful and profitable long after the power has gone out.

Agricultural Use #4: Flame Weed Control

Even weed control can be powered by propane! One hundred percent organic and efficient, flame weed control works by using a high level of heat to breakdown plant cells, causing the weed to die.  Flame weed control is typically done twice per growing season and is ninety percent effective at controlling weeds (  Flame weed control is perfect for organic farmers or any farmer who desires to lower his use of herbicides and pesticides. Plus, flame weed control can be used in a variety of weather conditions unlike herbicides and pesticides. Additionally, flame weed control allows farmers to be able to tend their crops immediately after treatment, so there is less down time.

Agricultural Use #5: Propane Powered Forklifts

Propane powered forklifts are versatile and cost efficient.  A propane powered forklift can be used for outdoor and indoor operations because of its low emissions and low noise level.  Propane powered forklifts also provide one hundred percent power during use—there is no shortage of power the longer you use it.  With one propane cylinder able to power eight hours of use, propane powered forklifts are cost efficient, too.  Additionally, a propane cylinder tends to last three times longer than the batteries in electric forklifts making a propane forklift’s capital costs nearly thirty percent lower than that of electric forklifts.

Agricultural Use #6: Propane Commercial Mowers

Propane commercial mowers are cost effective and environmentally friendly.  Propane powered commercial mowers cost about thirty percent less per hour to operate than traditional commercial mowers (  With greenhouse gas emissions more than fifteen percent lower than gas mowers, farmers can reduce their negative impacts on the environment as well.

Using Propane in Agricultural Operations

Now that you have learned how versatile, reliable and cost-effective using propane to fuel your farming operations can be, the next step is to contact us at Superior Plus Propane.  Our experienced propane professionals can assist you in making your agricultural operation run on propane.  Visit us at Agriculture » Superior Plus Propane or call us at (855)804-FUEL.

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