Propane Tank Sizes: A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Size

Propane Tank Sizes
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When it comes to propane tank sizes, you have options.  From small cylinders to large tanks, we have broken down tank sizes into an easy-to-follow guide to make selecting the appropriate tank simple.

20 lb. Cylinders:

The smallest sized tank we offer, 20 lb. cylinders are most commonly used for propane grills.  These tanks are exchangeable and refillable.  This sized tank can also fuel small generators, patio heaters, and other types of outdoor equipment.

120 lb. Cylinders:

120 lb. cylinders are appropriate if you only need to fuel smaller items, like pool heaters, hot water heaters, and fireplaces.  This size tank is not large enough to be the primary heat source for a home.

250 Gallon Tank:

This tank size can fuel a smaller home (think 2,500 square feet or less).  It can also be used to power clothes dryers, stoves, and fireplaces.

325 Gallon Tank:

A tank of this size can be used in both residential and small commercial applications. With slightly more capacity than a 250 gallon tank, the 325 gallon tank can fuel everything the 250 gallon tank can and more.

500 Gallon Tank:

500 gallon propane tanks are the most popular for residential use.  Able to power a home of about 2,500-4,500 square feet, a 500 gallon tank can also be used in commercial businesses like restaurants and dry cleaners (Propane tank size guide |

1,000 Gallon Tank:

Propane tanks of this size are most often used for commercial and agricultural operations.  They can also be used to fuel very large homes (think over 4,500 square feet).

Choosing the Correct Propane Tank Size

If picking out the right size tank for your needs sounds confusing or difficult, don’t worry! Contact our propane experts at (855) 804-FUEL or for professional hep in selecting the best tank for your fuel needs.

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