What to Do When Buying a Home Fueled by Propane

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You’ve been searching and searching, and you’ve finally found it—your dream home! But it has a propane tank, and you have never used propane before.  What do you do?  Read on to learn all you need to know about buying a home fueled by propane.

Determine Ownership of the Propane Tank

The first thing you need to find out when purchasing a home fueled by propane, is who owns the propane tank.  Propane tanks can be customer owned, meaning the homeowner bought the tank, or company owned, meaning the homeowners leases the tank from the propane provider. The easiest way to find out who owns the tank is to ask the seller. If the seller is uncertain, you can contact the current propane provider directly.

If the homeowner owns the propane tank, ask for proof of ownership.  This can be in the form of the sales invoice, a warranty, tank maintenance records, a certificate of ownership, or a written statement from the seller).  If the propane tank is owned by the homeowner, you may purchase it with the sale of the house or ask the seller to remove it.

If the propane tank is owned by the propane provider, you will need to contact the seller’s current propane supplier to review his lease agreement and determine if you want to transfer that lease to you upon the sale of the home (What You Need to Know About Propane Tanks When Buying a Home – Propane HQ).

Learn About the Propane Tank

The next step you should take when buying a home that uses propane, is determine what propane is used for.  It can range from fueling a range in the kitchen to providing heat for the whole house.  Once you know that, you should learn about the tank—how big it is where it is located (above or below ground), how old it is, when was is last maintained, and what type of condition it is in. You can look on the tank itself, near the valve or on the collar of the tank, for a date stamp to determine the exact age of the tank.  To learn more about the condition of the tank, you may want to have a propane professional inspect it to ensure it has years of life left.  For tank maintenance records, as the seller or contact the propane provider for information (What You Need to Know About Propane Tanks When Buying a Home – Propane HQ).

Let Us Guide You Through It

There is no one better to help you understand how propane fuels your new home than us, your local, trusted propane experts! We can guide you through the process of buying a home with a propane tank from start to finish so you understand just what in your home runs on propane, if you have the right size tank, and if your tank is in good condition or needs replacing or repairs.  Contact us today at (855)804-FUEL or visit us at Moving » Superior Plus Propane to make moving into your dream home as easy as can be!

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