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Propane is becoming increasingly popular among our residential customers. Plus, it’s earned its spot as the top power source in agricultural, commercial, and industrial settings as well as fueling vehicles. Rightfully so, because propane is abundant, safe, clean burning, and non-toxic. 

The U.S. is the number one producer of this fuel, making it the most affordable and least likely power source to experience changes in cost over time. If you choose propane, you can rely on us for outstanding delivery, equipment installation, and certified service.

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Heating Oil Products

Unlike most fuel providers, we supply both propane and heating oil to meet the needs of our customers in every location. Since 1922, we’ve been delivering heating oil to keep you warm, safe, and comfortable with reliable and friendly service. What’s so special about our oil?

It’s enhanced with two multifunctional additives formulated to prevent oil degradation and soot formation while in storage. Even better, many of our facilities are connected directly to a refinery near Philadelphia, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of product.

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Diesel & Gasoline

We supply businesses with a range of high-quality diesel fuels and gasoline for all of your on- and off-road vehicles and equipment. Our ultra-low sulfur diesel products include corrosive protection, detergency, and pour point depressant.

Every grade of our gasoline protects against intake valve deposit buildup, and our non-ethanol gas prevents corrosion of common engine parts without attracting moisture. Whether you opt for scheduled or on-demand delivery, you can count on our fast, accurate, and competitive service.



Lubricants & Motor Oil
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We offer a complete line of products from trusted brands for your heavy industrial, transportation, construction, or agricultural applications. We’ll meet your needs whether it’s a drum per year or up to 15,000 gallons or more. Along with your fuel, you’ll enjoy technical services, free and automatic delivery, and much more.

We have a long-standing history delivering a steady, reliable supply of kerosene to households and businesses. This fuel is commonly purchased for power aircrafts (jet engine fuel) and some rocket engines, as well as for use in cooking, as a light source, and as a cleaning solvent.

Wood Pellets
Limited availability
Our wood pellets provide a clean burning, cost-efficient heating source for your home. Every pellet you purchase from us is guaranteed to be sourced from select wood byproducts and meets or exceeds PFI Fuel Grade Requirements.

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Find the fuel you’re looking for? We can help you use less of it.

To get the most out of your fuel, you need highly efficient equipment running at peak performance. We offer everything from brand name furnaces and water heaters to storage tank installations and complete end-to-end heating systems. Plus certified technicians to handle routine maintenance and come to your rescue for repairs.

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