Less Stress, More Predictability with Our Budget Payment Plan

budget payment plan
Superior Plus Propane

At Superior Plus Propane, our goal is to handle your fuel needs as quickly and safely as possible, while providing suitable payment options for our customers.  Did you know that we offer a Budget Payment Plan to help make planning your fuel costs easier?

What Is It?

Our Budget Payment Plan is designed to take the guesswork out of your fuel costs.  Instead of paying per delivery, we spread your payments out throughout the year. Based on your estimated usage, your payments are spread equally over twelve months.  This will be reviewed and adjusted mid-year to ensure a zero balance on your account at the end of the heating season.

The Benefits of the Budget Payment Plan

If you like planning and estimating your expenses throughout the year, our Budget Payment Plan allows you to do just that when it comes to fuel costs.  You won’t be surprised with a large bill during the heating season, so you can rest easy knowing just what you are spending each month to fuel your home. To learn more about our Budget Payment Plan, please visit Budget Payment Plan » Superior Plus Propane.

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