Preparing for Winter Visits from your Friendly Propane Driver

Superior Plus Propane

Winter weather can make delivering propane difficult and sometimes dangerous.  We want to keep our drivers safe, and avoid property damage, while delivering your propane this season.  Please read through the following tips to help us keep your property and our drivers safe this winter.

Before the Snow Falls

Preparation for winter weather is the key to protecting drivers and property.  Before snow arrives, you should flag the location of your propane tank to make sure your driver can easily locate it during snowy weather.  You should also place flags along the edges of your driveway so that the driver can clearly spot its boundaries when there is snow on the ground.  Remember, propane trucks are wider than most vehicles and will need more clearance space.

During Snowy Weather

Once the snow starts falling, or there is ice on the ground, there are several steps you can take to protect your property and ensure the safety of our drivers this winter. First, clear a path to your tank(s) or cylinder(s) so that the driver can safely deliver the propane.  When clearing snow within fifteen feet of the tank(s) or cylinder(s), you should use a snow shovel only.  Heavy machinery may damage the tank(s) or cylinder(s) and their components.  When cleaning snow off of the tank(s) or cylinder(s), use a broom or brush to ensure no damage occurs.

Next, make sure your driveway is clear from snow and ice.  Propane trucks are heavy and can slip and slide easily on icy or snowy surfaces.  If there is snow on the ground, make sure to remove it from your driveway.  If there is ice on the ground, please use ice melt so that the truck doesn’t slide. Remember, delivery drivers have to descend about three feet when getting out of their trucks, so any ice can easily make them slip and fall.

Additionally, if you have a gated driveway, please keep your gate open to avoid the risk of it freezing shut and delaying your delivery.

Staying Safe During Winter

We greatly value the safety of our drivers.  Please follow the above tips to keep them safe this winter, while ensuring the timely delivery of your propane.

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