Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes

Valentine's Day
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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it might be to late to make reservations at your sweetheart’s favorite restaurant. Or perhaps you are the type of couple who prefers to dine in.  We have you covered with new recipe ideas for a delicious and enjoyable Valentine’s Day dinner.

Appetizer Suggestions:

Start your meal off on the right foot with these tasty appetizers:

So Very Berry Brie Recipe: How to Make It (  Brie doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming to make.  This recipe uses blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries warmed with brie and served with bagel or pita chips for a wonderful starter that pairs well with wine.

Strawberry Ricotta Bruschetta Recipe: How to Make It (  A fun and festive twist on classic bruschetta, this recipe from Taste of Home uses a sliced French baguette as the base for a cream cheese spread and strawberry topping.

Main Course Recommendations:

The entrée can be delicious and easy when you serve one of the recipes below:

Merlot Filet Mignon Recipe: How to Make It (  This steak recipe calls for cooking steaks in a cast iron skillet and topping them with a rich, but simple sauce made of merlot and cream.

Chicken Scampi Recipe: How to Make It ( If you prefer chicken to shrimp, try this delectable and easy to make scampi recipe that substitutes traditional shrimp for chicken.

Side Dishes:

Soup and salad pair well with many main courses. Pick one (or both) listed below to add to your Valentine’s Day dinner:

Caramelized Pancetta and Fennel Salad Recipe | Giada De Laurentiis | Food Network:  Salad greens, pancetta and fennel create a pleasant salad topped with a tart red wine vinaigrette dressing.

Lobster Bisque Recipe | Valerie Bertinelli | Food Network:  Treat your Valentine to a delicious, hearty soup.  This creamy soup uses fresh lobster and can be made up to three days ahead of serving time, so you don’t have to spend hours preparing dinner.

Dessert Selections:

No special meal is complete with dessert, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to serve a festive one.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies for Two Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network: Perfectly portioned to make dessert for just two people, this whoopie pie recipe consists of two chocolate cookies with a cream cheese filling in between.

Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies Recipe | Food Network Kitchen | Food Network:  Follow this recipe to learn how to make heart shaped sugar cookies with a trendy, marbled frosting for a fun, festive look and great taste!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We hope that these recipes inspire your Valentine’s Day dinner, but no matter what you choose to serve this holiday, we hope your dinner is delicious.  Happy Valentine’s Day from Superior Plus Propane.

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