Experience a Cleaner, More Efficient Way to Fuel Our World

Join the millions of Americans who are saving money and reducing their impact on the environment by using propane to power their homes and businesses.

Why Convert Your Home to Propane?

Incentives and Tax Credits
In addition to the cost and energy savings gained by switching to propane, there are a number of industry incentives and tax credits available to both homeowners and builders.
More Affordable
Propane is highly efficient, and the price per gallon is typically lower than heating oil and other fuels.
Made in America
By choosing propane, you are helping support an important industry and keep more than 50,000 quality jobs in our country.
Growing Supply
The U.S. is the world’s top producer of propane, meaning supply is abundant and reliable.
Better for the Environment
Propane burns cleaner and emits fewer greenhouse gasses than heating oil, gasoline, and other common fuels.
Versatile and Flexible
Propane is an ideal choice to heat homes and fuel water heaters, clothes dryers, stoves, ovens, fireplaces, standby generators, and more. Plus, it’s earned its spot as the top power source in agriculture, commercial, and industrial settings as well as fueling vehicles.

Propane Fact Sheet

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Building or Remodeling with Propane

Learn more about the advantages of building or remodeling with propane appliances, and the many options available, by downloading the brochure.

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